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A New Way

Kinwood is the Celebration of Life Company. We believe that people can do more to honour a life than buying flowers or saying ‘sorry for your loss’.

Kinwood has partnered with Westminster Funeral Home to offer these services for their client families.

Kinwood Is New

Kinwood offers clients an opportunity to recount the love, memories, and stories of an important life. Kinwood combines filmed interviews with family photography, home movies, cell phone video, to produce beautiful commemorative films.

Grandchildren should hear about important family history. Kinwood films lead with anecdotes and include quirks, humour, accomplishments, values, and inspiration. Part commemoration, part family history, a Kinwood film is an heirloom.

Our Reviews


“There truly is no better option for this type of service. Jeff and his team are top notch, in every possible capacity. Talented, conscientious, careful, committed to every detail, and execution of the highest possible caliber. We are so happy that we picked these professionals. Their services have produced a lasting impact on our family and my father’s legacy.
Thank you a thousand times.”



This was a fantastic experience! I am not generally comfortable in front of a camera, but the folks at Kinwood made the process fun and not intimidating! The interviewer did an amazing job, and the camerawork, editing and production of the final product was simply awesome. I was very pleased with everything from start to finish and would definitely recommend Kinwood


Our Commemorative Film Programs

When speaking to someone in grief, say something specific about the person and the importance of their life. Leave memories – not condolences.


Custom Photo Reels: Kinwood photo reels are better. Our reels are made by hand and are designed to both tell the sequential story of the life, but also groups images in themes within the sequence. Early life, raising a family, career, travel, grandparent.

  • Kinwood can digitize and enhance paper photos or home movies in any format.
  • Kinwood will select the photographs that best support the life story and family history.
  • Reels are typically 20-30mins long with transitions between 5-7 seconds.

Pricing begins at $795


Standing Portraits: Kinwood creates (2ft x 3ft) photo portraits that are placed within the gathering space. These large portrait photos enhance the mood with the feeling of presence. Portrait pricing is $119 – $149.

Event Support: Kinwood can support families who are hosting an event off site from Humphrey’s. Kinwood can provide digital invitations, display monitors, memorial cards, and other services you require. Kinwood will provide a sharable web-page to show the photo reel or film to guests who could not attend.

Do you want to talk through some ideas? Kinwood offers free consultations for all.


Our premium film service includes:

  • Broadcast quality equipment
  • In person – on location interviews
  • B-roll filming
  • Premium location experience (lunch, snacks, drinks)
  • Pre-production plan (what to wear, how to prepare)

Your final film will look and feel like a TV or major movie production.


Custom Films also include:

  • 6-10 interviews with friends and family: 30-45 mins each.
  • Up to 300 photographs (to digitize and touch up)
  • Cell phone / home videos to incorporate.
  • Biographical study
  • Speaker scheduling
  • Post: Music / titles / slates / credits
  • Client editing: 3 rounds
  • Final film – approx. 25-35 mins in length
  • Film completion 7-10 days after interviews completed

Fees begin at $3995


Our premium film approach – with interviews recorded on laptops:

  • Best for families who live in different cities
  • Faster production turnaround
  • Lower quality interview footage
  • Lower cost

For many families, this option is a trade-off between premium production values vs the convenience of remote interviews. Laptops less than 3 years old are required for remote interviews.

“Cloud” Films also include:

A package to help with set-up, what to wear, how to prepare:

  • 4-8 interviews with friends and family: 30-45 mins each.
  • Up to 200 photographs (to digitize and touch up)
  • Cell phone / home videos to incorporate.
  • Biographical study
  • Speaker scheduling
  • Post: Music / titles / slates / credits
  • Client editing: 2 rounds
  • Final film – approx. 15-25 mins in length
  • Film completion 4-6 days after interviews completed

Fees Begin at $1,895

Common Questions

So how does this work?

Kinwood film editors take interview footage, photos, home movies, cell phone video and produce a beautiful commemorative film that will remain in the family forever. Please see our HOW IT WORKS video at the top of this page

What else do I need to know?

Clients LOVE the final product. The film becomes a gift for a grieving spouse or family member – and it’s watched often.  It’s both a modern family heirloom.  and a rewarding experience.

Kinwood clients have cherished the opportunity to leave the memories and stories of a loved one.  Kinwood now offers a cloud option to capture interviews via videoconferencing. Kinwood enables clients to do something meaningful to honour an important life.

But I don’t want to talk on camera.

We hear that sometimes. Kinwood sends speakers a package on how to prepare and what to wear.  We create a warm and welcoming space to share personal feelings and stories. Kinwood will ask you thoughtful questions so you can share your reflections without preparing or pressure.

Kinwood now offers a Cloud Film – and we can capture your interview over a laptop, in the comfort of your own home.

Know that our editors only use the best interview clips making sure everyone looks good.

Will my guests want to be interviewed?

Many will embrace the chance to leave memories and stories for your family. After a death, people want to do-something, and leaving memories and stories is a way for your guests to honour the life.  Kinwood’s questions make it easy to talk and focus on what’s important.

And now with Cloud films, they can participate from the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world.

What else needs to be done?

We need photos of your loved one – the more the better. If you have cell phone video, or other home videos we can use that too. Pick 4-10 speakers, and Kinwood will reach out and take care of everything. We will also digitize paper photos for the project.

Can I play the film at a Service or Celebration of Life?

Yes! Kinwood films and film clips have been the foundation for numerous Celebration of Life events.

A Kinwood film can be a great way to unite guests and recognize the details of the life being celebrated. You can also shoot a film at a Celebration of Life.

Just ask – we have options that will work for your situation.

We can always do it in the future, so maybe we will think about it for now?

Yes, there is no time limit. But know the best Kinwood films are made in the days and weeks after a loss. Feelings are strong, and memories are clear. We advise that if you are going to do it – do it soon.

It’s kind of expensive?

Families who want a minimalist approach might say its extravagant. No one can say it’s not without value. Clients understand that Kinwood films are forever.

What are your geographic boundaries?

We don’t have geographic boundaries. If you have a newish laptop and decent wifi – we can do this from anywhere.  Ask us how.

Ok I would like to learn more – how can I start a discussion?

You can fill out our question form below, or email us at:  ask@kinwood.ca

We can also be reached at 416-639-8786.

Or meet us in person at the Kinwood Studio at the Westminster Funeral Home.

Want to start with a question?

Fill out this form or or please email ask@kinwood.ca

We will never sell your information or use it for any purpose except official Kinwood correspondence.