Leave Memories, Not Condolences

Kinwood is the Celebration of Life Company. We believe that people can do more to honour a life than buying flowers or saying, ‘Sorry for your loss.’ Kinwood is new, independent, and the leader in modern bereavement services.


“There truly is no better option for this type of service. Jeff and his team are top notch, in every possible capacity. Talented, conscientious, careful, committed to every detail, and execution of the highest possible caliber. We are so happy that we picked these professionals. Their services have produced a lasting impact on our family and my father’s legacy.
Thank you a thousand times.”


Kinwood Commemorative Films

Kinwood clients have cherished the opportunity to leave the memories and stories of a loved one. Kinwood enables clients to do something meaningful to honour an important life. Kinwood film editors take interview footage, photos, home movies, cell phone video and produce a beautiful 15–30-minute commemorative film that will remain in the family forever.

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Oral Histories & Post Script Messages

Kinwood messages are forever. Kinwood clients want to share family or immigration history before those stories are lost. Today, Kinwood can make this possible.

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Celebration Of Life

The desire for personal commemorations meant families used to plan celebration of life events on their own. Today Kinwood works with families to produce custom celebration of life events.

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Flowers are overrated, memories are not.

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