Our Partnerships

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When dealing with end-of-life issues, one organization cannot do it all.
At Kinwood, we have a network of trusted partners to support a variety of needs.

Alivio logo


Alivio Solution seeks to take on the administrative burden of transitioning home from lived-in to sale-ready so that families can focus on other aspects of their life transition. Everyone’s needs and circumstances for downsizing or clearing an estate differ; Alivio Solution understands that the process can be overwhelming, requiring patience and flexibility. Alleviating your stress while saving you time, they look after all the details as quickly and painlessly as possible by reappropriating all contents via online auction, donation, disposal, and more so you to focus on what matters most.


Birdge C-14


Bridge C-14 is a non-profit organization that works to help improve the lives of individuals and their loved ones throughout all stages of the assisted death process across Canada. Bridge C-14 has created a network for individuals to build meaningful connections of support through all stages of assisted death. They are committed to creating a culture where dignity, choice and grief are honoured and valued.


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Pancreatic Cancer Canada is a vibrant, progressive organization taking on the world’s toughest cancer with the ultimate goal to save more lives. We are committed to raising the survival rate through major investments in research and increased awareness of the disease among the general public and healthcare professionals, while ensuring patients and their families have access to the specialized care and support they need at every stage.