Celebration of life

A Kinwood Commemoration Service guides families to honour lives in a modern way.

The Celebration of Life Company

Whether you are having a celebration of life with a funeral company, or planning it on your own, Kinwood creates modern commemoration services for families in need.

A Better Way

Kinwood’s custom commemoration services guides families to celebrate a life in the most meaningful way. Kinwood crafts several elements that combine to create the feeling of presence of your loved one.

Kinwood is new

Kinwood brings new creative skills to the uncreative funeral industry. Kinwood commemoration products are not generic or mass produced, but rooted in the authenticity of real voices telling real stories.

Our Reviews

“There truly is no better option for this type of service. Jeff and his team are top notch, in every possible capacity. Talented, conscientious, careful, committed to every detail, and execution of the highest possible caliber. We are so happy that we picked these professionals. Their services have produced a lasting impact on our family and my father’s legacy.
Thank you a thousand times.”


This was a fantastic experience! I am not generally comfortable in front of a camera, but the folks at Kinwood made the process fun and not intimidating! The interviewer did an amazing job, and the camerawork, editing and production of the final product was simply awesome. I was very pleased with everything from start to finish and would definitely recommend Kinwood


A Kinwood Commemoration Service

For families who need to plan a meaningful Celebration of Life


Kinwood photo reels are better. Most funeral photo reels are slapped together randomly using software algorithms.

How it works:

  • Kinwood photo reels are made by hand and are designed to both tell the sequential story of the life, but also groups images in themes within the sequence. Early life, raising a family, career, travel, grandparent.
  • After 60 seconds, you are hooked into a mini story of your loved one’s life..
  • We want your photos – as many as you have.
  • For digital photos and cell phone video, Kinwood provides a shareable portal for family and friends to upload content.
  • Kinwood can digitize and enhance paper photos or home movies in any format.
  • Kinwood will not automatically use all the content, but will select the photographs that best support the life story and family history.
  • Reels are typically 20-30mins long with transitions between 5-7 seconds.
  • Pricing begins at $795


Kinwood clients often say that they feel the presence of their loved one at the service.

Here is what we do:

  • Portrait photos on easels: Kinwood creates (2ft x 3ft) photo portraits that are placed within the gathering space. We crop and enhance selected photos to provide options to a client. These large portrait photos enhance the mood with the feeling of presence. Portrait pricing is typically $119 – $149 depending on quantities and photo enhancement work.
  • Film clips: Clients can play clips of a Kinwood Commemorative Film at the gathering. These 2-3 min clips can be combined with short speeches to create a very special experience for your family, friends and guests. Learn more about Kinwood films.
  • Memorial cards: Kinwood can design a modern “funeral card” for guests. Our memorial cards are done with purpose and include important elements of their life story. Kinwood can present 3 design options as part of the planning process. Pricing begins at $195 plus printing costs.
  • Music: Whether Jazz classics, The Stones, Opera, or the score of a favourite movie, Kinwood collaborates on sound and music. Music is always free at Kinwood.


Managing a Celebration of Life can be difficult to pull off.

Kinwood can help:

  • Web page invitation: Kinwood can set up a personal user-friendly web page that allows client to invite guests through text message or email. It’s the easiest way to share info with a wide network.
  • Framed Photo Gifts: You can decorate the space with 5×7 framed photos placed on tables for the event. You can give them away to special people you wish to recognize.
  • Display monitors: Your venue may already have monitors or a projector & screen. If not, Kinwood can provide large screens to display photo reels or film clips.
  • Catering / location selection: Kinwood can work with locations and catering companies to ensure your celebration will be flawless. This is a complementary service.
  • Event Direction: Kinwood can provide general support in developing the program for the event. This includes any speaker coaching or special content requirements. This is a complementary service.
  • Post Event: Kinwood will provide a sharable web-page to show the photo reel or film to guests who could not attend.



“Thank you to the Kinwood team for creating a glorious and sentimental montage that our family will treasure for years to come. It truly set the tone and hit a sweet spot with so many guests who joined from around the world. Appreciate all your hard work and creative efforts to make this possible in such a short period of time. With love & gratitude. “


Common Questions

I have never heard of Kinwood? Is this a new service?

Many families who do not have a close association with their church find it more authentic to celebrate a life on their own terms in a meaningful location. Kinwood supports these families through modern commemoration services. As the Celebration of Life Company, Kinwood believes that people can do more to honour a life than buying flowers or saying, ‘sorry for your loss.’

How does this work?

Whether you found Kinwood through a funeral home, or through a web search, each project begins with a conversation. We will learn about your loved one, and understand the type of memorial you were considering. We will develop a custom proposal for your consideration. Whether you become a client or not, advice is always free at Kinwood.

How does a project start?

We need photos of your loved one – the more the better. If you have cell phone video, we can use that too. Once you have a date and location selected, Kinwood provides you with a user-friendly web page that allows a client to invite guests through text message or email. Kinwood always gets client feedback before final decisions are made.

How do you select the photos to use for the reel or portraits?

Kinwood will choose a group of select-photos that we think have the best potential. We show you these selects, and then collaborate on a decision. You will have ample time to review everything and to make changes. We will always include your favourite images.

What’s a Kinwood Film?

Kinwood film editors take interview footage, photos, home movies, cell phone video and produce a beautiful 15–30-minute commemorative film that will remain in the family forever. Learn more here!

Can I play the film at a Celebration of Life?

Yes! Kinwood films and film clips have been the foundation for numerous celebration of life events. A Kinwood film can be a great way to unite guests and recognize the scope of the life being celebrated. You can also create a film at a Celebration of Life. Learn more here.

What else do I need to know?

Clients LOVE our final products. They become a modern family heirloom and a rewarding experience to create.
Kinwood enables clients to do something meaningful to honour an important life.

Have any more questions?

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