Preserving Your Family History

What’s remembered, lives on. Kinwood films are forever.

Now you can save the stories

Preserve family history by having your loved one recount important stories in a Kinwood interview: Immigration, family history, accomplishments, love and loss. Kinwood conducts short interviews on the topics a client wants to preserve. We combine these interviews with photos and home movies into a life story that will forever be in your family’s possession.

A gift for a parent or loved one

This gift is also a wonderful experience for your loved one. Our team have years of experience interviewing people in their late years and are genuinely interested in drawing out stories from your parent or loved one. Subjects find it a rewarding experience to share stories with an engaged, compassionate professional who wants to delve into their life story.

Preserve these stories now, while you can.

Kinwood works with all generations of families and collaborates on a plan to capture these important memories, stories and wisdom.

Our Reviews

“There truly is no better option for this type of service. Jeff and his team are top notch, in every possible capacity. Talented, conscientious, careful, committed to every detail, and execution of the highest possible caliber. We are so happy that we picked these professionals. Their services have produced a lasting impact on our family and my father’s legacy.
Thank you a thousand times.”


This was a fantastic experience! I am not generally comfortable in front of a camera, but the folks at Kinwood made the process fun and not intimidating! The interviewer did an amazing job, and the camerawork, editing and production of the final product was simply awesome. I was very pleased with everything from start to finish and would definitely recommend Kinwood


Kinwood Offers

A special offer to film family history or personal messages.


Stories that need to live on. Memories of family, love, perseverance, and accomplishments. We always try to get some wisdom too.

Packages starting at $1,195

Offer details:

  • 60-90  mins interview
  • 50-80 photographs for inclusion (free digitization and touch up)
  • Client review of rough cut
  • Client edits (2) and feedback
  • Length of film 12-20 mins (Typically)
  • Delivery of all materials on private hard drive
  • Rough cut completion 10-15 days after filming completed
  • 1 Follow up editing conversation


Stories of love, determination, travel, family and friends and determination.

Packages starting at $1895

Offer details:

  • 2-3 interviews of approx. 60 mins each.
  • 100-150 photographs for inclusion (free digitization and touch up)
  • Client review of rough cut
  • Client edits (2) and feedback
  • Length of film 12-20 mins (Typically)
  • Delivery of all materials on private hard drive
  • Rough cut completion 10-15 days after filming completed
  • 2 Follow up editing conversations


Past generations, immigration stories, family pride, triumph, tragedy, laughs and love.
Larger family participation: Packages starting at $3495

Offer details:

  • 4-8 interviews of approx. 45-60 mins each
  • 200-250 photographs for inclusion (free digitization and touch up)
  • Client review of rough cut
  • Client edits (4) and feedback
  • Length of film 25-225 mins (Typically)
  • Delivery of all materials on private hard drive
  • Rough cut completion 20-25 days after filming completed
  • 4 Follow up editing conversations

Common Questions

Why a Family Story Film?

Kinwood Clients tell us. “My 83-year-old mother has all the family history and stories in her memory. It’s not written down anywhere.” Often times when a matriarch passes, this important family history is lost forever. Kinwood not only captures these memories but molds them into an engaging format that you will want to share and celebrate.

Why is this a good gift for a parent or loved ones?

Next to grandchildren, a Kinwood project is probably the best post-retirement gift ever. Seniors get to talk about their memories to a person who is genuinely curious about their story. For the client family, these stories, history, home-movies and photos are now in your possession. For everyone – a Kinwood project delivers this history into an engaging and sharable format.

How does this work?

Kinwood makes it simple. Reach out at We have a pre-planning discussion with clients, and we talk through your circumstances & ideas with no obligation. Clients then provide photos, video and names for a Kinwood interview. Kinwood film editors take the interview footage, photos, home movies, cell phone video and produce a beautiful 15–30 minute film that will remain in the family forever.

Kinwood now offers a Cloud Film – and we can capture your interview over a laptop, in the comfort of your own home.

My Mom has all these photo albums in the living room? Can you incorporate those?

Yes – those are an essential part of a Kinwood film. Kinwood digitizes paper photographs and home movies in virtually any format – we can even digitize Kodak Carousel slides.

We always return the original photo albums – and you now will also have them digitally preserved.

I am thinking about sharing a message that’s quite personal. How do we keep it private?

Our client agreement includes a non-disclosure agreement that Kinwood must abide to. You can dictate when and how the message is shared. There is no judging at Kinwood – and you don’t have to prepare at all. We can lead a discussion and ask questions about the most relevant memories, history, or personal reflections to share.

Is it hard to prepare for this?

Kinwood sends speakers a package on how to prepare and what to wear. We create a warm and welcome space to share personal feelings and stories. Kinwood will ask thoughtful questions and reflections are shared without preparing or pressure.

Know that our editors only use the best interview clips making sure everyone looks good.

Who are the interviewers?

Our team have years of experience dealing with seniors – and are genuinely interested in pulling out stories from your parent, relatives, or companion. We try and match the best director for the goals of your project. Every Kinwood director, producer and editor always conduct interviews with warm professionalism.

We can always do it in the future, so maybe we will think about it for now?

Yes, there is no time limit. But know the best Kinwood films are made when memories are clear. We advise that if you are going to do it – do it soon.

It’s kind of expensive?

Yes – some projects can be – but no one can say it’s not without value. Clients understand that Kinwood films are forever.

Also, Kinwood recently launched a “Cloud” Film option – which is often a trade-off between premium production values vs the convenience of remote interviews. It’s also our least expensive option.

What are your geographic boundaries?

We don’t have geographic boundaries. If you have a newish laptop and decent Wi-Fi – we can do this from anywhere. Ask us how.

What else do I need to know?

Clients LOVE the final product. Your family will too.

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