Kinwood Q&A's

We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions below.

I have never heard of Kinwood?

We are new. Founded in 2021, Kinwood is the Celebration of Life Company. We believe that people can do more to honour a life than buying flowers or saying, ‘sorry for your loss.’ Kinwood is new, independent and changing the funeral industry for the better.

So how does a Film project work?

Kinwood offers clients an opportunity to recount the love, memories, and stories of an important life. Kinwood combines filmed interviews with family photography, home movies, cell phone video, to produce beautiful commemorative films and family heirlooms.

Grandchildren should hear about important family history. Kinwood films lead with anecdotes and include quirks, humour, accomplishments, values, and inspiration.

But I don’t want to talk on camera.

Kinwood creates a warm and welcome space to share personal feelings and stories. Kinwood will ask you thoughtful questions so you can share your reflections without preparing or pressure.

If you are hosting a celebration of life, Kinwood can set up a camera at your event and interview your guests.  Many will embrace the chance to leave memories and stories for your family. After a death, people want to do-something, and leaving memories and stories is a way for your guests to contribute. Kinwood’s questions make it easy to talk and focus on what’s important.

Can you do something for someone who is ill and might be considering MAiD?

Kinwood can help in this difficult circumstance. If the individual / patient can still communicate effectively, Kinwood can film messages to give thanks or impart wisdom, knowledge or values. Some want to share family or immigration history before those stories are lost.  Some use the opportunity to confront the past or share personal reflections about a period in their life. There are a million reasons to leave a message, but everyone has their own.

How much does a Kinwood project cost?

We have simple message programs that start at $595.  Films usually begin at $1,895. Elaborate projects with remote shooting locations will be more expensive.

I might be interested… how can I keep the costs down?

Kinwood has just built a studio at the Westminster Funeral and Reception Centre in North York. Filming interviews in our studio is the most cost-effective option. Families who want a minimalist approach might say its extravagant. No one can say it’s not without value. Clients understand that Kinwood films are forever.

Can’t I just do this on my own with a cell phone camera?

Yes you can! Film it yourself! But know Kinwood professionals will make your film or message the best it can be. Clients understand that Kinwood films are made to last forever.

Why are Funerals losing popularity?

For many families, a traditional funeral can be elaborate, and not keeping with modern attitudes around memorialization & bereavement. Cremations have also overtaken traditional burials, and that creates flexibility with how, where and when a ceremony can be held.

Grassroots efforts are credited with the growth and popularity of Celebration of Life events. Many families who do not have an intimate connection with their church are often uncomfortable engaging religious institutions at this most vulnerable time.

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