Post Script Messages
& Oral Histories

What’s remembered, lives on. Kinwood can capture your messages of gratitude, love, or personal and family stories. Kinwood films are forever.

Part memoir, part history

It’s common that when people look back, most go through an inventory of their life experiences. An Oral History project is an heirloom and a generational family gift. While Oral History projects are experiencing a revival, it remains a long-recognized field and a practice that continues to evolve with video and audio technology.

Post-Script Messages

Kinwood offers the opportunity to film messages that can be delivered by you after you’re gone. A hard drive with your message can be delivered to your executor with instructions on how and when its shared.

Post Script Messages come at the end

People have always left letters, notes, and messages to be shared after their gone.  What’s new is the ability to do it the right way. Kinwood will capture your messages of thanks, wisdom or regret. You can share important family history or maybe you need to set the record straight. You decide how and when it will be shared.

Our Reviews

“There truly is no better option for this type of service. Jeff and his team are top notch, in every possible capacity. Talented, conscientious, careful, committed to every detail, and execution of the highest possible caliber. We are so happy that we picked these professionals. Their services have produced a lasting impact on our family and my father’s legacy.
Thank you a thousand times.”


This was a fantastic experience! I am not generally comfortable in front of a camera, but the folks at Kinwood made the process fun and not intimidating! The interviewer did an amazing job, and the camerawork, editing and production of the final product was simply awesome. I was very pleased with everything from start to finish and would definitely recommend Kinwood


Kinwood Offers

A special offer to film family history or personal messages.


Stories of  perseverance, family, immigration, and what you have learned. Memories of love.

Offer details:

  • 60-90  min interview
  • Up to 200 photographs (to digitize and touch up)
  • Cell phone / home videos to incorporate
  • Biographical study
  • Pre-production plan document
  • Speaker scheduling
  • Archive research and footage
  • Post: Music / titles / slates / credits
  • Client editing: 2-3 rounds
  • Final film – approx. 20-30 mins in length
  • Film completion 14-21 days after interviews completed.

Individual Interview

Stories that need to live on. Memories of love, perseverance, family, and accomplishments.

Packages starting at $595

Offer details:

  • 45-60 mins of studio time to recorded messages / interview
  • 10-20 photographs for inclusion ( free digitization and touch up)
  • Client review of rough cut
  • Client edits and feedback
  • Length of message 5-15 mins
  • Delivery of message on private hard drive
  • Instructions to your executor
  • Delivery to executor with proof of receipt
  • Edit completion 3-6 days after filming completed

2-Person / Couples Interview

Packages starting at $795

Offer details:

  • 60 mins of studio time to recorded messages / interview
  • 20-30 photographs for inclusion ( free digitization and touch up)
  • Client review of rough cut
  • Client edits and feedback
  • Length of message 10-20 mins
  • Delivery of message on private hard drive
  • Instructions to your executor
  • Delivery to executor with proof of receipt
  • Edit completion 3-6 days after filming completed

Common Questions

Why do people leave messages? Who does this?

There is no shortage of reasons to leave a message after you’re gone. Some want to give thanks or impart wisdom, knowledge or values. Some want to share family or immigration history before those stories are lost. Some use the opportunity to confront the past or share personal reflections about a period in their life. There are a million reasons to leave a message, but everyone has their own.

How does this work? Where do I go?

Kinwood has a studio at the new Westminster Funeral and Reception Centre in North York. Close to major highways, filming your interview in our studio is the most efficient and cost-effective option. We will advise on how to prepare and what to wear. We can also arrange transportation to and from the studio.

But I’m not a great public speaker. Let alone on camera….

No-one aces their message on the first try. Kinwood staff will coach you through your talk – whether it takes 3 tries or 13. Remember, our editing can weave together the best parts of different takes. We know what we’re doing.

Can I bring notes to read? I want to make sure I say it right.

Yes, of course! But know after you have read your notes, Kinwood might ask questions to help add colour and context to your message. Since you have final cut, only you will approve the final product.

My idea is not fully formed and might be kinda out-there? How do I know if it's appropriate?

We have a pre-planning discussion with clients, and we can talk through your circumstances with no obligation. There is no judging at Kinwood – and you don’t have to prepare at all. We can lead a discussion and ask questions about the most relevant memories, history, or personal reflections to share.

I am thinking about sharing a message that’s quite personal. How do we keep it private?

Our client agreement includes a non-disclosure agreement that Kinwood must abide to. Your executor is the only other person to have access to the hard-drive containing your message. Your instructions to the executer will dictate when and how the message is shared.

I doubt anyone will want to hear what I want to share.

Not true. Kinwood messages are forever. Ask yourself if you would value a message from your great-grandparent? Of course you would. Today, Kinwood can make this possible.

Do I have to do this alone. Can my partner join and we can record our messages together?

Yes! If you want to be joined on camera – or just have a friendly face close by, Kinwood welcomes guests.

Can’t I just do this on my own with a cell phone camera?

Yes you can! Film it yourself and give it to your executor.  But know Kinwood professionals will make your message the best it can be. Clients understand that Kinwood films are made to last forever.

What else do I need to know?

Our clients LOVE our products. If there was always something you wanted to share or needed to say, Kinwood will ensure your message is captured and delivered. You can rest easy knowing that people will hear it after you’re gone.

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