Oral Histories
& Legacy Projects

Kinwood works with clients to create personal oral histories, custom obits, and dynamic legacy projects.

What’s remembered, lives.

Kinwood can capture the first-person and family stories and help clients set the context of the social and political realities of that time. Less personal than a memoir or biography, an Oral History project is a family heirloom and can be a generational family gift.

While Oral History projects are experiencing a revival, it remains a long-recognized field and a practice that continues to evolve with video and audio technology.

Kinwood obituaries lead with anecdotes and include stories to form a mini-biography. They include quirks, humour, and inspiration – all the things that made the individual unique. Kinwood obituaries always include values, places, and accomplishments. Services can also include custom sharable social media content, or a custom website – not riddled with ads.

A book? A retrospective? Historical photo curation? Kinwood will commission custom projects that can honor personal and family legacies.

Can a family’s service be recognized through the naming of a park or community centre? Thought of starting a scholarship? Have you considered funding a research project? At Kinwood we plan and execute custom recognition projects.




Kinwood has a stable of professional writers, designers, curators, historians, to plan, manage and execute legacy projects. Our project managers work with you to ideate and refine your idea to deliver a legacy project worthy of the subject.



Because all Kinwood projects are custom, the scope of the project will drive the majority of the costs. Kinwood charges creative and project management fees on top of other hard costs for the project.

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