Celebration of Life Q&A's

We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions below.

What’s the difference between a Celebration of Life and a funeral?

While funerals can take different forms, generally they occur shortly after death, are often tied to religion, and are steeped in traditions and history. A funeral is typically held at a church-like venue and a religious figure presides over the ceremony. The event is most often formal and reflects the gravity of the occasion.

A Celebration of Life is tailored to commemorate the life of the deceased and is often described as the opposite of a funeral. Whereas funerals are grounded in religious traditions, a Celebration of Life can be spiritual but is focused solely on the life and legacy of the individual. A Celebration of Life is led by a friend or family member and can be held in a location with some significance to the deceased. Celebration of Life ceremonies can have either a formal or casual atmosphere – but all are meant to be held in a warm and welcome environment.

Why are Celebration of Life events gaining popularity?

Grassroots efforts are credited with the growth and popularity of Celebration of Life events. Many families who do not have an intimate connection with their church are often uncomfortable approaching religious institutions at this most vulnerable time. Cremations have also overtaken traditional burials, and that creates flexibility with how, where and when a ceremony can be held.

What is a Kinwood Celebration of Life?

Kinwood produces obsessively crafted, highly curated Celebration of Life events. Kinwood customers have high expectations and seek ceremonies that are sophisticated unique and meaningful.

Can you have both a funeral and a Celebration of Life?

Yes. After a death, there are important functions that a funeral director manages, including solemn functions and transportation of the remains. In many cases, there are important religious or health considerations that require an immediate burial.

Today many families choose to have a simple funeral ceremony at that time, followed by a larger Celebration of Life event. The flexibility afforded with a Celebration of Life means that families can plan events on a timeline of their choosing.

How do I know if a Kinwood film is right for my family’s situation?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made traditional bereavement difficult. Kinwood’s cinema-grade films are an option for many families who wish to honour the legacy of a remarkable life and leave an important heirloom for future generations. Clients often find the experience of producing a film very rewarding.

How much time do I need to allocate to participate in a Kinwood event, film, or legacy project?

It’s really up to the client. For some clients diving into a project can be therapeutic and offers an outlet to channel their time and emotions. Clients can be active participants in a project’s creative, planning, and production meetings. Some clients don’t have time or the interest to participate in multiple production meetings. In those instances, Kinwood can run status meetings where clients can input and make decisions. Either way, Kinwood is committed to delivering the best possible outcome for every project.

Can you have a Celebration of Life for someone who is alive?

Yes. Currently, many individuals and families are deciding to have a celebration near the end of life, as opposed to after someone is gone.
For Kinwood, we would need to work closely with the family to accommodate health considerations.

Does Kinwood offer funeral-type services after a death has occurred?

No. Funeral businesses and their employees perform an essential service for their communities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many funeral employees acted with courage, dignity, and risked their safety to support families during this tragic time.

How is Kinwood safely managing operations through Covid-19?

Film production and custom projects continue with strict adherence to all local health restrictions.

How much does a Kinwood project cost?

Because all Kinwood projects are custom, the size and scope of the project will drive the majority of the costs. Kinwood employs top-tier creative professionals and charges creative and management fees on top of the hard costs for a project.

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