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Your stories can live on. Kinwood can preserve important family history through custom film projects.

A Family Heirloom

Kinwood has a roster of acclaimed commercial directors who are keen to work on long-form film projects. These cinema-grade films can incorporate historical video footage, news clippings, interviews, artifacts and more. Part history, part memories, a Kinwood film is a generational family gift.

How Does A Kinwood Film Project Work?

Director Selection

We meet with clients to understand their interest and ideas. Your involvement begins by reviewing reels from directors interested in your project. Once chosen, Kinwood will distil your idea for a story or subject into a creative outline.


Once a project has a unifying idea, families work with Kinwood to develop a production plan for the film: Shooting locations, casting, story outlines, interview guides, and procuring historical and media artifacts to include in the project.


Experienced producers and location managers will create professional, closed sets for filming. Experienced crews cover sound, lighting, set dressers, as well as styling and wardrobe experts to ensure the highest production values.


Clients participate in the post-production process by working with talented film editors on content, music/sound mixing, photography, titles and slates. Clients approve the final edits.



Clients can have their film delivered in multiple formats. A cinema-grade digital print allows for viewing on multiple formats; whether a 50-foot theatre screen or your phone. We can keep your film private, post it on social media or host a screening event at a cinema.



In their commercial capacity, our directors typically oversee projects with production budgets in the $500K – $1M range. While every project is custom, Kinwood film engagements typically start at $5K. There may be cost savings if a film is produced in conjunction with a celebration of life event.

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